Kol Nidre Moments Away

On Custom Kol Nidre (Aramaic, kol nidhrē, “All vows”) is the opening prayer service of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement for the Jewish people. We begin our annual ritual of transformation by pleading for the cancellation of all vows which we failed to fulfill in the previous year. Yom Kippur observance includes abstention from … Continue reading Kol Nidre Moments Away

Please Pardon Our Appearance While I’m Lost in the Sauce

Dearest blog friends and followers, Please excuse me for the radio silence. My love life, that subject which comprises two-thirds of the content of this strange blog, is metastasizing beyond my processing ability. Those lovely, clean personal essays with which I’ve been proud to populate this site, the likes of My Queen is Not Okay … Continue reading Please Pardon Our Appearance While I’m Lost in the Sauce

The “We Had Sex” Text

There it is, smushed up between “Good morning” and “I love you”. “Natalia and I hooked up.” My first thought: Wait, aren’t you staying at your parents’ house? Second thought: You had sex at your parents house? For the first time? Without me? Third thought: Crap, if this little kid catches me texting she’ll snitch … Continue reading The “We Had Sex” Text

Baby on the Big Swing

Water’s pooling everywhere. A week of summer rain: tomato vines have doubled length and the wood chips are bursting into mushroom. He and I become one pendulum, sweating into one another’s clothes. His sixteen pounds, all belly, brain and bone, lift away from my chest at each inflection. Hot, the tiny head rolls back and … Continue reading Baby on the Big Swing

The Caregiver Threat

“Ugh,” Mari mutters at the phone, glowing face-up on the table. “I click on one ad, one time, and now all I get are these ads…” I glance over at her screen. In comic-bookish CGI, set in a bedroom, a chiselly man leans a speech-bubble into the face of an Attractive Young Woman. “The boys … Continue reading The Caregiver Threat

And yet —

And yet — a new poem by Melita White about control, power and privilege. And yet —


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